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Presidential Message

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Precis Future Med. 2017;1.edi01
Publication date (electronic) : 2017 March 31

Fellow colleagues and friends from all around the world,

It is my honor to introduce the inaugural first issue of the Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine (SKKU-SOM)’s very own international journal titled ‘Precision and Future Medicine.’ This year, SKKU-SOM marked its 20th anniversary, and the publishing of a new journal is one of the greatest achievements that we have made to celebrate our honored 20 year history.

As the Dean of SKKU-SOM, I have great pride in the launch of our own journal. In the past, unforeseeable obstacles, such as the MERS outbreak of 2015 and a change of the editorial members, delayed the launch of this journal. However, my colleagues and I didn’t give up our determination to meet this goal.

In the current status of the global community, the medical industry needs quality research more than ever. Even though our university history and the number of graduates may not be as great as other medical schools in Korea, our research capability and the results of our research exceed our peers. The world recognizes us as an outstanding research institute which produces new and innovative studies that will help contribute to mankind.

To share and to encourage collaborative research, our mission is to provide a wider publicity of our findings to fellow researchers. Precision and Future Medicine, even though aiming at becoming a general medical journal, is going to stand apart from ordinary medical journals by accepting and publishing with priority new and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic information - rather than conventional clinical trial results. It would be a privilege to see articles that basic medical science and clinical medicine have collaborated together to publish amazing and novel research in our journal.

We are at the starting posts of a brilliant journey of Precision and Future Medicine. I am pleased to begin this journey from the inception. Despite their restless schedules, I want to give my humble appreciation to the editorial members who work for the journal with devotion. It is always challenging to put work together from scratch. However, the team made it, and the finished result is stunning.

Congratulations to the new journal, Precision and Future Medicine. Although it may be young, I cordially invite innovative researchers to contribute for this high standard and soon-to-be internationally renowned journal.

Kyung Soo Lee, MD, PhD
Dean, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine

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